Trifecta Technologies is a trusted partner for some of the most widely–recognized and successful companies in the world. Many large and mid-market brands choose Trifecta Technologies based on the depth of our experience, the strength of our success, the value of our solutions, and the skills of our people. They return to us because we become true business partners, innovative consultants, and indispensable strategic advisers.

The Talented People of Trifecta


Trifecta Technologies’ strongest asset is a seasoned team of talented professionals—skilled developers, creative problem solvers and industry leaders—all of whom have incredibly high personal standards and unwavering dedication to the client. Trifecta Technologies has been at the forefront of every major online innovation since Al Gore invented the Internet.

We balance big-picture thinking and creativity with a development methodology built on best-of-breed technology. Clients value our commitment to staying on time, on budget—and our ability to go beyond expectations.


Whether a global brand, a mid-market leader or a well-funded early-stage company, our clients come to trust Trifecta Technologies—with both their careers and their companies. And that trust is sacred to us. Our clients turn to us again and again for business-critical needs including cloud, mobile, and web applications. Our experience with some of the biggest and best run companies in the world – Walt Disney Resorts, Pfizer, Glaxo Smith Kline, Starwood Resorts and Hotels and others – has made Trifecta a trusted and unique partner in the Salesforce ecosystem. Why? Proven successes year-in and year-out. Frequent, honest, down-to-earth communication. Relentless dedication to customer service. And a shared investment in the long-term success of our clients.


Trifecta Technologies is the intelligence and the technology behind the web-based applications that drive revenue, operational excellence and customer loyalty in many of today’s leading large and mid-market companies. With 25+ years of experience, we draw upon a wealth of proven technology, customizing our approach to meet and exceed the needs of the client.

By deploying flexible solutions well-grounded in budget, deadline and business objectives, we enable clients to stay well ahead of ever-evolving technology, competition, market opportunities and customer behaviors.

Employees having an impromptu meeting
A few of Trifecta's numerous awards
A typical desk at Trifecta

We are really good…

Trifecta Technologies is a business and IT consulting firm specializing in Salesforce as well as custom Web and Mobile application development. Headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania with 25+ years of experience developing enterprise-class solutions for some of the biggest and best-run businesses in the world, Trifecta has a wide range of experience helping clients – large and small, local and global - obtain the most business value from their Salesforce and IT investments.

Founded in 1991 and doing business as (DBA) Trifecta Consulting, the company has maintained certain values, ethics and principles as the cornerstone to the company and its guide to operations since its inception.  These values include a commitment to its employees and their families; to its customers and their businesses; and to the community. Less than a quarter of a century later, Trifecta had grown to 125+ employees with offices in Allentown, Toronto Canada, and Visakhapatnam India.  In May 2014, Trifecta sold the assets of half of the company, its IBM eCommerce practice, to focus on web and mobile app development and the faster growing business opportunities associated with Salesforce, the #1 CRM solution in the world.

Trifecta’s experience and expertise with ecommerce and enterprise class software application development quickly moved Trifecta Technologies into a leadership role in the Salesforce ecosystem. Today, Trifecta is focused on Salesforce and the development of custom web and mobile applications and combining those skills with the integration and customization of the Salesforce platforms and products.

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Brendan working a Salesforce Project.

…but only as good as the good we do

When we moved our business a few years ago we proclaimed to the city that we are not coming downtown simply to work; we are coming here to eat in your restaurants, drink in your pubs, cheer at your arena and laugh and cry in your theaters.  

We are not just a great technology company.  We are good neighbors and a company that is committed to helping those around us.

Trifecta employees volunteering for the United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley

United Way of the Lehigh Valley

Since the inception of the company, Trifecta employees have given financial support to the United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley and the many agencies they support.

Employee volunteers organize the annual United Way Campaign, a campaign filled with fun activities and speeches from other community volunteers and agencies who drive home the message that countless people around us in our own community need our support.  We earn the “Circle of Honor” award from United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley for giving back each year.

Trifecta's president, Doug Pelletier, reading to students at Jefferson Elementary School

We adopted a school

It began with a simple $470 donation in 2012 to support 25 students at Jefferson Elementary School in Allentown so they could participate in the Girls On The Run program.  The girls ran their 5K and in doing so they and their teachers and staff won our hearts over, so we adopted them!  

Throughout the school year, Trifecta employees donate books not only to the school but to the students.  We read to the students, provide computers and technology and we volunteer whatever support we can to help 700+ inner-city school children to have a better chance to succeed.

Wildlands Conservancy

Wildlands Conservancy

Trifecta management and employees support the Wildlands Conservancy in Emmaus Pennsylvania - a group that is working to preserve, protect, restore, and enhance the land, water, ecological, and recreational resources of the region for future generations.

Allentown Symphony Orchestra

Allentown Symphony Orchestra

Trifecta has had a longstanding commitment to support the arts in our community.  Besides our CEO serving on the Board of Directors of the Allentown Symphony Orchestra, our employees volunteer as ushers at many performances, provide the symphony with much needed help and technology, and we donated the creative design and development of the website for the organization.

“They are true examples of community leaders and we are proud to honor Trifecta with the Circle of Honor Award”
David LewisPresident, United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley
Melissa Silver Bowl Award

Melissa Bosch receives The Morning Call Silver Bowl Award. Each year, The Morning Call Silver Bowl Award is presented to a volunteer who demonstrates outstanding leadership and makes every effort to help the fundraising campaign succeed. Melissa led the Trifecta team in coordinating a series of fundraising events that achieved an increase of 54% in donations over the previous year and a 65% increase in the number of donors. Melissa is a super volunteer who garnered significant support from Trifecta employees for our United Way.

We are proud of our accomplishments